The Fastest Route to Profits For the Affiliate Marketer

CPA marketing is a hot topic today among the veterans of online affiliate marketing strategies. Even those new to e-commerce are finding that CPA marketing is extremely easy to implement and extremely profitable on high traffic sites. You don’t have to be a master of online technologies to be successful in CPA marketing.

If this sounds like a too good to be true money making scheme, it’s not. After all, you have to work hard to build and maintain a site that attracts consistent traffic. But if you can do that, that’s about all it takes to make a lot of money using CPA marketing.

So Much Money Available
The reason there is so much money available for CPA marketing affiliates comes down to the simple reality that it is cheaper to engage and interact with target market consumers online that it is to engage in traditional advertising and promotional techniques.

Back in the days when traditional advertising was the norm, it would cost a company a lot of money to advertise in the direction of people who may or may not be interested in their products, and may or may not even notice their advertisements.

Even worse, most studies show that a large portion of those who viewed traditional print, radio, or television advertising misunderstood the messages being conveyed across these traditional mediums. The banner advertising that dominated the advertising marketplaces of the first ten years of the Web had similar problems.

New Cheap Advertising Methods
New methods of paying for advertising in direct response to the success of the advertising campaign have eliminated many of these problems, thus reducing the cost to advertisers for reaching each member of a target audience.

For example, whether you have a $100-a-month advertising budget or a $100-million-a-month advertising budget, with CPA marketing or even CPC (cost per click) marketing, you will pay approximately the same amount for each member of your target audience that you successfully reach.

So for the poor advertiser it is no longer necessary for you to save up enough money to reach some minimum advertising buy level for advertisements that recklessly soar out to dispassionate and uninvolved readers, listeners, or watchers. For the wealthy advertiser, huge sums of money don’t just disappear with unexplainable or untraceable direct returns.

CPA Marketing Is Easy
It is easier for CPA marketers and CPA marketing affiliates to get together and begin a campaign. Those doing the advertising can often have their promotional products designed and hosted for free by the marketing broker involved.

Those who sell the promotional results, the CPA marketing affiliates, no longer have to worry about whether or not they’re closing sales, as they are mainly offering free items that are easily promoted. The whole promotional kits can be quickly downloaded or implemented into your website straight from the CPA broker site. The whole process is often as easy as copy and paste.

This doesn’t mean that the CPA marketers and CPA marketing affiliates can’t do things to help improve their results, simply that it doesn’t take a whole marketing team, design team, and engineering team to launch a simple, successful promotional campaign. The key to tweaking your results is to read all of the information on which you can focus your eyes.

Just like any other kind of offer promotion, there are techniques and tricks of the trade that substantially increase your odds of success and while you can simply jump in and hope for the best, you are much better off learning from a professional who has tested and tweaked techniques for maximum profits.

Don’t Even Think About Starting a Direct Mail Business Without a Solid Sales Letter

If you are looking into starting a business using direct mail, before you do anything else, make sure you have a well-written, compelling sales letter. Too many business owners spend all of their time creating the magic product and the sales letter becomes an afterthought. Read on to find out what makes a compelling sales letter.

When you are selling with direct marketing it really is the sizzle and not the steak that sells your product. Of course your product needs to deliver what’s promised, but if you don’t tell people about it in a compelling way, they will just be turned off and never make a purchase. You have to pull people in to your letter so that they fell like they have to have what you are selling.

A compelling sales letter will do one or more of the following:

1. It tells a story about an AVERAGE person that started from nothing and overcame a huge obstacle using only the product. This act of story telling is what will make people remember what you are selling. Traditional songs and funny advertising can’t hold a candle towards rags-to-riches storytelling.

2. It causes the reader to create some kind of action. You need to get online, click a button, fill out a form , send in money, call an 800 number, ask for a free brochure, put a label on a letter etc. Without the step of taking action in your letter means that your letter has failed. You need to ask the customer to do something for you or else they won’t move a muscle and they won’t buy your product.

3. It sells and speaks directly to one customer at a time. You will use the word “you” a lot. You will sell to the customer as if they are sitting across from you at dinner. If the customer can feel that the letter is sincere, they will be much more inclined to read it, even though they know it’s a sales letter.

4. Don’t use hype, but make the letter compelling to read. Even if your product can do something amazing, if you sound like a carnival barker, you won’t get the buy-in from your customers. You need to create a fascination for the customer and to make them want to keep reading, but as soon as you start to write things that don’t seem believable they will drop you like a bad habit.

If you can keep those 4 things in mind when you are writing your next sales letter, you will be much farther ahead than 95% of the rest of the direct marketers out there. Keep your customer in mind, get them off the couch and get them over to your order page.

Why Postcards Save Marketing Dollars

Aren’t we all looking for inexpensive marketing ideas that actually work? With all of the available options and varying costs, it can be a scary task. Direct marketing is increasingly favored due to its targeted methods and measurability, and postcard marketing, a growing sub-set of the trend, is no exception. Many companies have abandoned the idea of sending sales letters. Postcards are now the premier choice when it comes to getting more bang for your buck, and here’s why:

Postcards are direct and detailed.
With postcard marketing, your message goes straight to your audience. Multiple mailings in one campaign can acquire even more awareness. The small space obliges your communication to be brief and concise, so it boasts increased visibility. Plus, direct mail recipients don’t have to open a postcard, or speculate who it’s from–The message is right in front of them, so they’ve basically finished reading it as soon as it’s in their hands. Pretty cool, right?

Marketing design, simplified.
Have you ever had to create your own marketing material from scratch? If you’re not a designer by trade or at the very least have a creative mind to begin with, this can be an extremely tough job. Today’s better part of postcard marketing sites offer free templates that can also be used to easily integrate your own artwork and logos. You can have your postcard created and ready to send in minutes!

No new ink cartridge necessary.
Those of you who have produced sales or marketing letters before and thought “It’s just a few hundred, I’ll save money and print them myself,” know this pain all too well. You’re changing your ink cartridge (or worse, running out to buy a new one) before the job is even done, not to mention it doesn’t look as nice as you hoped, and that printer takes forever! Smart marketers visit the one-stop-shop sites to get their piece created, printed, and sent with only one visit.

Target your ideal senders.
Top companies that offer postcard marketing services give the opportunity to upload your own list of current clientele, as well as provide list services to acquire new ones. You can choose the exact demographics and location for your postcard’s destination. Some even get as detailed as income rates, home values, number of vehicles, and the list goes on! These specifications will give you a much better return rate than simply dropping your message in any old mailbox.

Save on Postage
Back to the idea of sending postcards in place of letters-it makes perfect sense when, on average, postcards are around 20 cents less to send. In the scheme of one postcard or letter it may not seem like much, but do some quick math and multiply that by the number of pieces you’re mailing. You can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars depending on the size of your mailing.

Time is Money
It’s a great cliche, we know, but one of the truest that ever was. But give some thought to how much time it would have taken you, or the employee you’re paying, to carry out the same tasks with a letter. The time it takes to design your piece, have it printed, fold the letters, stuff and seal the envelopes, stick on address labels (or-gasp! -writing addresses if you’re not label savvy), and put a stamp on every single letter. Whew! Fortunately, the technology that’s emerged in today’s marketing automation eliminates this work…so why not take advantage?

After discovering one of the best ways to deploy direct marketing without breaking the bank, it’s time to build your postcard and cross “marketing” off this month’s to do list!