Don’t Even Think About Starting a Direct Mail Business Without a Solid Sales Letter

If you are looking into starting a business using direct mail, before you do anything else, make sure you have a well-written, compelling sales letter. Too many business owners spend all of their time creating the magic product and the sales letter becomes an afterthought. Read on to find out what makes a compelling sales letter.

When you are selling with direct marketing it really is the sizzle and not the steak that sells your product. Of course your product needs to deliver what’s promised, but if you don’t tell people about it in a compelling way, they will just be turned off and never make a purchase. You have to pull people in to your letter so that they fell like they have to have what you are selling.

A compelling sales letter will do one or more of the following:

1. It tells a story about an AVERAGE person that started from nothing and overcame a huge obstacle using only the product. This act of story telling is what will make people remember what you are selling. Traditional songs and funny advertising can’t hold a candle towards rags-to-riches storytelling.

2. It causes the reader to create some kind of action. You need to get online, click a button, fill out a form , send in money, call an 800 number, ask for a free brochure, put a label on a letter etc. Without the step of taking action in your letter means that your letter has failed. You need to ask the customer to do something for you or else they won’t move a muscle and they won’t buy your product.

3. It sells and speaks directly to one customer at a time. You will use the word “you” a lot. You will sell to the customer as if they are sitting across from you at dinner. If the customer can feel that the letter is sincere, they will be much more inclined to read it, even though they know it’s a sales letter.

4. Don’t use hype, but make the letter compelling to read. Even if your product can do something amazing, if you sound like a carnival barker, you won’t get the buy-in from your customers. You need to create a fascination for the customer and to make them want to keep reading, but as soon as you start to write things that don’t seem believable they will drop you like a bad habit.

If you can keep those 4 things in mind when you are writing your next sales letter, you will be much farther ahead than 95% of the rest of the direct marketers out there. Keep your customer in mind, get them off the couch and get them over to your order page.

Finding an Online Marketing University

An Online Marketing University should be a one-stop source for the latest in internet marketing methods, online promotional techniques, traffic generation systems, and “How To’s” to market and manage your business effectively. The internet is ever changing and your resource for will be as well if it’s worth the subscription fees. Additionally, amid the sea of others trying to learn the same thing you are, sometimes you can find a mentor in the group that drastically propel you into the positive cash flow you have been looking for.

An online marketing university is the newest way to learn the skills to become an internet marketer and the idea of having a mentor is even newer. Most people are finding that once they get into the forums where they expect to learn, they become overwhelmed with information and get the “analysis paralysis” that can crippling to the learning process. Most mentors who have already made it to success are usually trying to give a little back to the community that helped them on their way and are charging minimal fees. If the fees are too high (over 100 bucks) you can bet that guy is skimming off the newbies and has not has a great success in building his own business.

Online marketing universities are a growing concept in the virtual world and they helped many. However, most of these places have the resident wolves who are doing all they can to keep the new people in the dark, promoting their own products in the direction that is best for them rather than the new guy. Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Choosing an online marketing university to learn would be much easier if you had someone you can trust to guide the way instead of pouring over the BS reviews written by people who are affiliates with each site they review. It’s a trick that has become very popular with many new people as they are preying on the other people just trying to enter the business.

An online marketing university will provide a wide array of tutorials on skills and tools needed to create your funnel for making money online. There should be a step by step, easy to follow process. However, with a truthful review, I have to say that is not the case in most places that the author has seen. Convoluted site set ups and misplacement of tutorials and other educational information are sometimes created in order to keep the users confused long enough to get 5-6 months subscription from them before they get frustrated and leave

A good coach can lead you in the right direction when looking at online marketing university offers, internet marketing training on how to harness the power of the Internet to sell products online and build online businesses. Finding someone to spend personal time with you rather than sending to a sales letter will be a sure sign you are headed in the right direction, and saving yourself a great, long headache.

Every successful marketer has had an online mentor []. Do you intend to struggle with it forever? Having someone to guide you around the dead ends is priceless.

Engage With The Professional Residential Painters To Make Your Space Vibrant!

One of the most overlooked aspects of building or renovating a property is painting. Many people forget that a fresh coat of paint can boost the appearance of any space instantly. In addition, the use of high-quality paint under professional guidance makes your walls more durable and resistant to harsh weather elements. Thus, your property remains in optical condition for a long time.

To save a few pennies, many homeowners hire inexperienced and unqualified painters not checking their background. It may look beneficial now, but it puts you into the hassle later.

In some cases, the result of their service will fade away within the year. If you want to take advantage of your investment for a long time and grab peace of mind, then you should research and find reputable residential painters Calgary.

Importance of hiring the residential painters

Unlike before, people specialized in specific areas because it helps them showcase innovative and stunning outfits. Instead of engaging with the painters, you can find the residential painters to paint your home. Being residential painters, they know in-depth about the property and use the right tactic to properly paint different sections of the home.

As they have painted different types of homes, they are well-experienced in providing attractive results. They use the appropriate tools and spend enough time to reap the potential result. According to your home’s environment, size, and the number of helpers, the residential painter will provide the quote and complete the task within the deadline.

Why should you hire a residential painter?

Are you still thinking about the reasons to hire the residential painters Calgary? Then, look at the following section carefully.

Residential painters are the perfect choice for painting the home because they offer you excellent quality service than DIY painting and inexperienced painters. They use the appropriate tools and techniques to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
The output of the painting also remains the best. It enhances the aesthetics of the space very well. They treat both interior and exterior of the space equally. So, the end result will be awesome.
When you house more than a single storey, it is quite hard to paint the entire space. You require the ladder and long handles on your paint rollers. If the unqualified painters attempt to paint the big house, they consume more time and put their life at risk. They never take any safety measures and do the task just for money. Upon engaging with the professional, you will not worry about these things. They follow all the safety measures and standards.
The professional painters render guarantee for their work. In case if you find any peeling or fading in the walls within the specific duration of work, you can call them to rework without paying a dime. They will come back to your space and fix the issues.
Most importantly, they carry the insurance and take responsibility for all the hassles that occur during work. So, your space is protected against damage and thus enjoys peace of mind. When the painters damage any item, you can claim it against the insurance.
When you decide to hire residential painters, think twice and research well before engaging with someone. It protects your time and money hugely. So, you will get the peace of mind and happiness.