Free Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Offer

There are many, many ways to drive traffic to a website. Today we will discuss some of the best methods that don’t take a cash outlay.

Free traffic

That’s right – free traffic generation for your affiliate marketing offer.

These methods will work for any level of affiliate marketer but are especially good for those who are new to the industry as they take time instead of money. For those who have the money more than the time, all of these methods can be outsourced, as well.

Forum marketing is a good place to start.

Most forums allow a signature file where you can put a link to your affiliate offer. The key is to find active forums within the niche that you are promoting products in.

Become an active participant on those forums and you will find yourself getting traffic through your signature link. You must do this in the right way, though, and not just spam the forums to get your link seen.

By being a valuable and active member, you never need to refer directly to your offer. Others on the forum will check it out naturally if you are giving good information in your posts.

Commenting on blogs

Blog commenting is another way to get traffic to your offer but again, you must do this the right way.

By finding blogs of those within your niche and interacting with them, you will be getting a name for yourself within the niche. Your comments should always be related directly to the posts and show clearly that you actually read the post.

Meaningful comments that actually enhance the conversation and add to the information are the key to effectively using this traffic generation strategy.

Getting social

Social media is another effective tool in traffic generation.

Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking sites allow you to bookmark your site so that other people can see them.

Other sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to actually send broadcasts to anyone “following” you where you can tell them about your offer and even give them a link to check it out.

Traffic from articles

Article marketing is one of the best free traffic generation methods. You write a useful and informative article and submit it to the various article directories online. The sites allow you to include a resource box where you can direct the reader to your affiliate offer.

Not only do you get direct traffic, the backlinks from the articles can help your site rank better with the search engines.

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Know How to Use Social Marketing As a Marketing Tool

This time of the internet existence is marked by developers, programmers, artists, and well, the internet community as “Web 2.0″, the internet golden age. Cyber space is the most liberal “place” on the planet; it’s open to a myriad of limitless possibilities.

Today is marked with information sharing, better communication and collaboration, user-friendly and user-centered interfaces and problem solving.

This online revolution sparks the evolution of internet marketing. Already, countless ways exist to market products and services on the web: viral reports, e-commerce, pay per click systems, simple banner advertisements, Google adwords, voice broadcast marketing and others. It was only a matter of time until marketing got its hands on social networking -social marketing.

A bit of web history: Back in Web 1.0, at least 5 to 6 years ago, net marketers were just starting to get the hang of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. It was easy for anyone to direct traffic to their sites because only a handful of websites were in on it, plus Google and all the big search engines were still starting up back then. It wasn’t until later that SEO garnered competition.

Today, it’s social networking sites that are just starting up -ripe for the taking, so much potential just waiting for the opportunistic and innovative modern marketer. Seize that potential with the Twitter System 2.0, the newest way to get free traffic on the web.

Social networking in marketing: Conceptualized initially in the interest of cost-cutting, it’s only been fairly recent that marketers discovered a way to direct traffic using social networking sites. In these sites, registration is free, so you need to know only the techniques used in order to successfully utilize them as effective marketing tools.

Using the Twitter System 2.0, you need to pay only for the initial one time start-up registration fee of a measly $47. After that, you can work whenever you need or want to, as the profits you roll in are directly proportional to how much work you put into it.

Registration to the program will provide you not just with the necessary info to start up, but also with updates on what’s new with the social marketing world.

This marketing method is the result of the ingenuity of the business, marketing and online global community. It’s evidence of the community-based evolution that the World Wide Web is speedily opening up to – welcome to Web 2.0, welcome to the future.