Don’t Even Think About Starting a Direct Mail Business Without a Solid Sales Letter

If you are looking into starting a business using direct mail, before you do anything else, make sure you have a well-written, compelling sales letter. Too many business owners spend all of their time creating the magic product and the sales letter becomes an afterthought. Read on to find out what makes a compelling sales letter.

When you are selling with direct marketing it really is the sizzle and not the steak that sells your product. Of course your product needs to deliver what’s promised, but if you don’t tell people about it in a compelling way, they will just be turned off and never make a purchase. You have to pull people in to your letter so that they fell like they have to have what you are selling.

A compelling sales letter will do one or more of the following:

1. It tells a story about an AVERAGE person that started from nothing and overcame a huge obstacle using only the product. This act of story telling is what will make people remember what you are selling. Traditional songs and funny advertising can’t hold a candle towards rags-to-riches storytelling.

2. It causes the reader to create some kind of action. You need to get online, click a button, fill out a form , send in money, call an 800 number, ask for a free brochure, put a label on a letter etc. Without the step of taking action in your letter means that your letter has failed. You need to ask the customer to do something for you or else they won’t move a muscle and they won’t buy your product.

3. It sells and speaks directly to one customer at a time. You will use the word “you” a lot. You will sell to the customer as if they are sitting across from you at dinner. If the customer can feel that the letter is sincere, they will be much more inclined to read it, even though they know it’s a sales letter.

4. Don’t use hype, but make the letter compelling to read. Even if your product can do something amazing, if you sound like a carnival barker, you won’t get the buy-in from your customers. You need to create a fascination for the customer and to make them want to keep reading, but as soon as you start to write things that don’t seem believable they will drop you like a bad habit.

If you can keep those 4 things in mind when you are writing your next sales letter, you will be much farther ahead than 95% of the rest of the direct marketers out there. Keep your customer in mind, get them off the couch and get them over to your order page.

How to Write an Effective Direct Mail Copy

Direct mail is not a new concept, in fact it has been around since the 1800′s. But then there were far less ways to market products apart from store from advertising. Today we have so many options available such as television and radio not to mention the incredible possibilities of the internet, and direct mail is still as widely used as ever.

Many advertisers and marketers they consider direct mail as being a waste of advertising dollars. Presenting advertising from radio, television and over the internet certainly gets the message across to a vast volume of people at a small cost per person. But there really is still value in direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is more personal than most other advertising platforms. It may cost more per person, but there may be less stray dollars spent. Direct mail advertising may include product samples, coupons or any number of incentives that are impossible for many other marketing platforms to deliver.

Writing for direct mail has changed through the years. Once sales pages that were pages and pages long have now been refined and are now only one page, or up to three pages long. People have changed, and times have changed, people just don’t have the time and read pages of advertisement out of interest. If it doesn’t get to the point and make itself clear, well then it has been a waste of advertising dollars.

Please enjoy these few tips we have prepared for you for the effective writing of direct mail marketing.

o Don’t overdo it with the bows and frills. A sales letter is in fact a real letter, too many pretty pictures and brochure inclusions make it far too much like an advertisement.

o This is a letter you may make it personal. Be courteous and address your reader by name. You may need to do a little more homework on your target but the results are well worth it. Consider that you are writing to a friend.

o Call attention to the key points. The key points are problems your product can solve for your readers. Feel free to underline and highlight and please use that ever effecting bullet list.

o Turn features into benefits. The reader really wants to know what it can do for them, not just what it can do.

p.s. Don’t forget the “P.S. “Most reader are interested in the P.S. this is in fact the most often read part of your sales letter.

Direct mail campaigns may appear to cost a little more per person, but this is money well spent into an effective advertising campaign. Use it to your advantage and remember that this is a letter to your customer not an advertising brochure.

Free Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Offer

There are many, many ways to drive traffic to a website. Today we will discuss some of the best methods that don’t take a cash outlay.

Free traffic

That’s right – free traffic generation for your affiliate marketing offer.

These methods will work for any level of affiliate marketer but are especially good for those who are new to the industry as they take time instead of money. For those who have the money more than the time, all of these methods can be outsourced, as well.

Forum marketing is a good place to start.

Most forums allow a signature file where you can put a link to your affiliate offer. The key is to find active forums within the niche that you are promoting products in.

Become an active participant on those forums and you will find yourself getting traffic through your signature link. You must do this in the right way, though, and not just spam the forums to get your link seen.

By being a valuable and active member, you never need to refer directly to your offer. Others on the forum will check it out naturally if you are giving good information in your posts.

Commenting on blogs

Blog commenting is another way to get traffic to your offer but again, you must do this the right way.

By finding blogs of those within your niche and interacting with them, you will be getting a name for yourself within the niche. Your comments should always be related directly to the posts and show clearly that you actually read the post.

Meaningful comments that actually enhance the conversation and add to the information are the key to effectively using this traffic generation strategy.

Getting social

Social media is another effective tool in traffic generation.

Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking sites allow you to bookmark your site so that other people can see them.

Other sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to actually send broadcasts to anyone “following” you where you can tell them about your offer and even give them a link to check it out.

Traffic from articles

Article marketing is one of the best free traffic generation methods. You write a useful and informative article and submit it to the various article directories online. The sites allow you to include a resource box where you can direct the reader to your affiliate offer.

Not only do you get direct traffic, the backlinks from the articles can help your site rank better with the search engines.