Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Tip – How to Make Your Online Campaign Successfully

A helpful automotive direct mail marketing tip can make your campaign successful. This is the most commonly read direct mail today. According to an article in DM News, a survey showed that as many as 73% of the car buyers today respond to the direct mail. This is one of the main reasons why most auto manufacturers and dealers today use this marketing method.

Advantages of Using Direct Mail There are several different advantages of using this type of marketing for the automotive business. Automotive campaigns that use this avenue can be tailored so that they can fit in with any kind of budget. Direct mail can be very simple postcard or it can be a complex brochure kit, according to the budget that you have. Automotive direct mail marketing tip that is very effective is to use it in such a way that it would support your business and it would also provide you a cost effective method to bring in more clients. Most companies that deal in direct mail offer price breaks with an increase in volume. If you mail more, you would be able to save more per piece. The volumes of automotive direct mail can be scaled up and down very easily to coincide with the budget limitations.

Some Helpful Tips Like any other type of marketing, direct mail can also be successful if used the right way or it can fail if not used the correct way. If you research, plan and execute it well, it is possible to enjoy its many benefits. The first helpful tip is that you should be very careful while deciding between letters and postcards. For every business, the answer would be different but you can always base the decisions on relevant statistics and on the best practices. With this type of marketing, the list of customers is much more than just a way to reach audience. The list is actually your audience and your success will depend largely on the accuracy and the relevance of the mailing list. It is very important to find and select the best mailing list for marketing.

Other than selecting a good mailing list, it is also very important to decide on the contents of the mail kit. Whether you want it to be just a letter, coupon, inserts or brochures or if you want a combination of them has to be decided. Knowing how much will be enough and how much will be too much is very important. The message that you deliver is also very important and the right copywriting can make your campaign successful. If you use the above mentioned automotive direct mail marketing tip, then it will not be difficult to be successful.

Know How to Use Social Marketing As a Marketing Tool

This time of the internet existence is marked by developers, programmers, artists, and well, the internet community as “Web 2.0″, the internet golden age. Cyber space is the most liberal “place” on the planet; it’s open to a myriad of limitless possibilities.

Today is marked with information sharing, better communication and collaboration, user-friendly and user-centered interfaces and problem solving.

This online revolution sparks the evolution of internet marketing. Already, countless ways exist to market products and services on the web: viral reports, e-commerce, pay per click systems, simple banner advertisements, Google adwords, voice broadcast marketing and others. It was only a matter of time until marketing got its hands on social networking -social marketing.

A bit of web history: Back in Web 1.0, at least 5 to 6 years ago, net marketers were just starting to get the hang of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. It was easy for anyone to direct traffic to their sites because only a handful of websites were in on it, plus Google and all the big search engines were still starting up back then. It wasn’t until later that SEO garnered competition.

Today, it’s social networking sites that are just starting up -ripe for the taking, so much potential just waiting for the opportunistic and innovative modern marketer. Seize that potential with the Twitter System 2.0, the newest way to get free traffic on the web.

Social networking in marketing: Conceptualized initially in the interest of cost-cutting, it’s only been fairly recent that marketers discovered a way to direct traffic using social networking sites. In these sites, registration is free, so you need to know only the techniques used in order to successfully utilize them as effective marketing tools.

Using the Twitter System 2.0, you need to pay only for the initial one time start-up registration fee of a measly $47. After that, you can work whenever you need or want to, as the profits you roll in are directly proportional to how much work you put into it.

Registration to the program will provide you not just with the necessary info to start up, but also with updates on what’s new with the social marketing world.

This marketing method is the result of the ingenuity of the business, marketing and online global community. It’s evidence of the community-based evolution that the World Wide Web is speedily opening up to – welcome to Web 2.0, welcome to the future.

Direct Mail – A Brief Introduction

Direct Mail marketing can be defined as “marketing through a channel that reaches the consumer directly”. The channel is usually through a mailer. Direct mail marketing is also known as “Direct Response Marketing” but there are those who refer to this as “Junk Mail”. That is mainly because all of us receive so many direct mails these days that we hardly open any and as a result most of them end up as junk. And so the receiver does not end up taking the desired action that the business wants it to take. In fact these days people are receiving so many direct mails that some companies are offering them an option to opt out of receiving the mailers.

But that was not the case before. When direct mail started it was quite effective (in many countries where consumers do not receive so many mailers it still is), and so the business could stand to gain from it. But now in places such as the US, direct mails have mostly lost their effectiveness.

Channels of Direct Mail

Some popular channels of direct mail include advertising circulars, pre-approved credit cards, product catalogs, discount coupons, invitations, and many other unsolicited commercial merchandise that the consumer may not be interested in at all, or at best is indifferent about. Often companies do not send such direct mails to one and all but select groups of customers based on a geographical area, income group or social belonging. But even then the target group is rather large because the response rate is quite low.

What Made Direct Mail So Popular Once

Notwithstanding its problems, direct mail had many advantages and that is why it became so popular. To begin with, it is a ‘one to one communication’ and so the business can reach the customer directly. There are no noises in the system, meaning that the business can inform the customer whatever it wants him to know. Direct mail is also cheaper to deliver ad so for the same expense as television ads for example, the business can reach a far bigger number of customers.

Consumers while reading a newspaper tend to avoid looking at the advertisement insertions and when they see television, they tend to go for a drink when the commercials are running. When it comes to billboards most people tend to take just a fleeting glance as they are on the move while driving. But that is not the case with direct mail because it is sort of ‘up on the face’ and thus the concentration levels of the consumers are much higher. The lack of any distraction means that the receiver ca takes a decision after considering the validity of the offer and how attractive it is to him. Because of this, it has been seen that the response rate of direct mail is often higher.

But the challenge as mentioned above is to stand out from all the different mailers a person get and make him open it and read.