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With the second wave of the Internet, Web 2.0, came numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, and in particular network marketers, to successfully market their businesses on the Internet. However, it appears that, as in my case until fairly recently, most people believe that in order to get results Internet Marketing strategies should evolve around a website, and many folks are reluctant or cannot afford to pay huge expenses for the development of a site for their business. In reality, even someone with only basic computer skills can achieve success in Internet marketing, and in this article I will share some of what I have learned during recent months regarding this and show you some free on-line resources you can use to ethically attract people to your business without a website – or, if you are more adventurous, how you can develop your own site quickly and easily with no prior experience and at very little cost.

First, I’d like to say that you do not need a website to generate business on the Internet! I’ve seen small business owners, especially Network Marketers, spend a great deal of money to have a website developed for them expecting that it will generate business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Earlier this year I witnessed a colleague pay to have a website developed, and she and her husband put a tremendous amount of thought into the style and content to make certain that it was well suited to their target market. They then spent hundreds of dollars for a 3-month advertisement on a very highly ranked site exclusively geared to their target market that was expected to quickly bring in all the traffic that they and their partners could possibly handle. The results were, to say the least, most disappointing. There was barely any traffic and no inquiries from those who visited the site.

On the other hand, I have been fortunate insofar as I met a young entrepreneur through my online business who developed his own website almost immediately upon joining my team. He certainly knows his stuff! The result is incoming inquiries via email – and for those who don’t want to wait for an email response, via phone!

Does that mean that the people hired by my colleagues were incompetent? No. There are so many more factors in creating a website than many people take into consideration, and those factors will greatly affect the results from the site. One of the major considerations is the intent of the website. Will it be used to give those who already know the Company, more information on products or services and prices, etc.? Or is the intent of the website to rank high on the search engines so that it will attract prospective customers or business partners? For example, in the case of a well-known computer manufacturer, let’s say Dell, the website would not really need to rank highly on Google; people know enough to type in the name to reach the website. However, in the case of a small home business, unless you plan on doing a great deal of advertising, it’s unlikely that people will find your site unless the right tools are used in setting up the site, including keywords and other things that relate to search engine optimization, i.e. having your website come up when people “Google” a subject.

Now here’s the great news: The same traffic that you can generate through a website can be gleaned in other ways that can be free or cost very little! Test this out by doing a Google search for any topic, and you will likely see that the results listed do not all take you to websites. You will likely see links to Squidoo articles, Ezine articles, blogs, and so on, and most of these ways of attracting traffic cost your time but not your money. This alternative method of marketing is often referred to as “Attraction Marketing” or “Social Marketing”. The principle is to share information with people through articles or short “tweets” or whatever – and those people who find your thoughts and ideas of interest will likely want to know more about you and what you do. Working this way, you build relationships of trust with others, and of course trust is the basis of any successful person or business.

Social Marketing is just one aspect of Internet marketing, and as I say it comes into play on Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other such areas, and the number of these social sites is growing steadily as people realize that the secret in marketing, especially on the Internet, is to offer something of value – to give before you receive – thereby developing trust. Whether you share a great recipe for pumpkin pie or information on building an Internet Network Marketing business, you want to help others first, for helping others is often the fastest road to success. Also, if someone finds your comments of interest, doesn’t it just make sense that you – and they – will be more successful in your endeavours, being of like mind or like interests?

So before you spend a dime on paying someone to do your advertising for you, I recommend that you get all the information you can on how to do your own Internet marketing. There are some great free resources (see a few in the resource section below) to take you step-by-step as you go through the process, and you can do it at virtually no cost other than your time, and it can become extremely enjoyable and rewarding! If you choose to build a website, there are some fast and easy places to do that too where you won’t need any knowledge of HTML code and such things – places where you can get free or inexpensive websites and blogs where you can get them up and running quickly – even for the computer novice. I speak from experience! If you don’t know the difference between a website and a blog, you are where I was only months ago!

Just one further note on websites: In some cases the Company or team you partner with in your business may provide you with a free or very inexpensive “replicated” website – a common website where your name and contact information is added to personalize it. However, whatever else you decide, I strongly recommend that you do not rely on such a website to bring you traffic! It may come in handy if you are directly referring people to it, but it alone will usually not produce prospects. If you are going to use this type of website, at the very least spend less than $10 yearly to buy your own domain name that you can redirect to that website. For example, you may buy a domain name of your choice, such as “www” followed by your name and “.com” and redirect it so that when people click on it or type it in they will be directed to your personalized replicated website, which is the site provided by your partner Company. By using your own name or your own company name, your prospect will remember your website. Otherwise people will often only remember the name of the main business, in which case those inquiries may go directly to the parent site rather than to yours.

There are also numerous other ways to market and develop your business on line, including of course traditional paid and free advertising, networking, etc. It’s really a matter of finding the best fit for you, your business and your budget.

I hope that this brief article will help with your business and your budget, and I’ll be pleased to provide further information at no charge While I have been working at an Internet home business for almost 6 years, I am relatively new to the field of Internet marketing, and I figure that with the limited computer skills I had when I started, if I can do this, anyone who has managed to log into this article can certainly do it too – and likely a lot faster than me!